Bonnie Conrad

Market Intelligence and Event Marketing

Bonnie has more than 12 years of experience in operations management and marketing across the healthcare, consulting, and U.S. Military sectors. 

For the last twelve years she has supported her husband’s military career path across the United States to numerous deployments as a military spouse. During this time, she has developed her skills in communication, organization and process development. 

Bonnie has worked in the private sector for many organizations and has recently completed a successful presidency with a non-profit. 

Recently, she also held the position of President of the Military and Civilian Spouses Club (MSCS) at Fort Irwin. MCSC is a non-profit located in the heart of the Mojave Desert, California, with a goal of providing grants and scholarships to fellow military spouses and to the local community. During this time, Bonnie also earned her degree in Social Sciences.

Bonnie worked in the medical field with her career pathway rapidly progressing from medical assistant to Operations Director. Her experience expanded her experience to include accounts payable, employee hiring and training, insurance processing, and project management for opening new health clinics.

During her husband’s multiple deployments abroad, Bonnie lead the family readiness groups ensuring families were supported throughout these challenging circumstances

Today, Bonnie is skilled in many systems including  Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Suites, Mailchimp, WordPress, Aweber, Squarespace, Asana, and many other programs in the project management field. 

Bonnie leads the FutureZero event marketing processes and their execution for thought leadership events on Net Zero. 

She led in the development of the FutureZero’s market intelligence processes and cloud-based research platform for Net Zero Business Models and industry ecosystem analysis. This research platform includes over 200 of the world’s largest companies in the world that have declared net zero. 

The FutureZero research platform includes all material disclosures for these companies including their earnings reports; investor day presentations; proxy statements; sustainability and CSR reports; CDP Reports; Task Force for Climate Disclosure reports; and climate reports. 

Bonnie, along with [link to Teresa’s bio page]Dr. Teresa Betts[/link], led in the development of world class processes for state of the art Qualitative  and Statistical Analysis Software integration for document review of companies and their ESG, Net Zero and Financial disclosures on the FutureZero market intelligence platform. 

These insights formed the basis of the FutureZero book- Insert Link