Dr. Teresa Betts, PhD

Senior Director-
Analytics, Research, and Modeling

Teresa leads the FutureZero primary research, data analytics, data sciences, and data modeling capabilities. She brings more than 30 years of global experience in operations research, global supply chain management, manufacturing, logistics, finance, and academic teaching roles. 

Her early career started in branch manager and service center manager P&L roles in the transportation, warehousing, distribution sectors. 

Teresa then moved into leadership roles in manufacturing, materials requirements planning and forecasting (MRP), production scheduling, continuous improvement projects, and finance. 

Teresa has led on the strategic data analysis and code book development for FutureZero. This includes the Net Zero Performance Database of more than 15,000 listed companies with carbon disclosures, as well as use of qualitative and statistical analysis of companies and their ESG, net zero, and financial disclosures.

The FutureZero performance Benchmarking Database includes global net zero benchmarks, including the following metrics:

  • CO2e tons per $1 million revenue 
  • Carbon-adjusted returns on capital 
  • Economic profit 
  • Return on invested capital 
  • R&D and SG&A % of Revenue (Innovation) 
  • CO2e Tons / Current Value 
  • CO2e Tons / Future Value 
  • Future Value fade adjusted 
  • NOPAT / FTE 
  • Future Value / FTE 
  • Economic Profit / FTE

Teresa’s Technical Toolbox includes:

  • Qualtrics
  • SQL
  • SPSS, M-Plus, AMOS
  • R and Python
  • Tableau 
  • Microsoft Office, including V.B.A & Excel
  • SAP – TERP 10 certified

Her research and thought leadership have been published in numerous publications, including: 

  • Journal of Cleaner Production
  • Journal of Production Research
  • Journal of International Business Excellence
  • Business Horizons
  • Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies
  • Simulations & Gaming
  • Journal of Organizational and End User Computing


  • PhD, Business and Operations Management, Southern Illinois University
  • MS, Business Administration, Murray State University 
  • BS., Transportation and Logistics, Iowa State University