John Swannick

Strategic Partner –
Sustainability Strategy, Net Zero Structure, and Strategic Leadership Talent Assessment

John Swannick is a strategic partner at FutureZero. He focuses on developing practical tools for corporate implementation, as well as investor evaluation of net zero strategies. 

John was project lead on the development of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) AssessBase tool, currently being tested with 150 organizations across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

He has consulted to various large, mid-corporate, and medium-sized enterprises to align corporate strategy and functional organizational change strategies. Areas of focus included self-assessment, performance measurement, improvement planning, supporting design, and delivery of identified programs and projects.

John founded and facilitates a community of practice — the Valuing Non-Financial Performance virtual network — comprising more than 400 corporate practitioners, investors, academics, and advisers 

John was a rapporteur on non-financial disclosure at the 2010 European Union Multi-stakeholder Forum.

John led the EU Laboratory on Valuing Non-Financial Performance. Results included:

  • Project Delphi: a collaboration of 40 asset managers, asset owners, and investment consultants developing non-financial investment management platforms
  • Creation of the European Combined Reporting Alliance, which became the International Integrated Reporting Council, and is now the International Sustainability Standards Board
  • Recommendations to European Commission on non-financial disclosure, leading to 2014 Directive

As executive director, John led the Academy of Business in Society’s corporate development, evolving strategy, and value proposition, and expanded the membership from Europe to the U.S., Latin America, and Asia. 

John worked as an adviser to Lloyds Banking Group’s senior executives in London on corporate responsibility, key regulatory issues and projects, broader external affairs and investor relations programs. He developed the ESG Investor Relations program, including roadshows for Lloyd’s deputy Group CEO and presentations to ESG sell and buy-side analysts. He also led key external Sustainability/ESG relationships, including UK government departments, agencies, and the European Commission

John developed and implemented Lloyds TSB’s acclaimed Corporate Responsibility Management System, based on:

  • Board level sponsorship 
  • Pioneering external and internal communications strategy, including stakeholder segmented corporate reporting
  • Continuous improvement based on annual self-assessment against the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) excellence model 
  • Seminars and workshops on core strategic themes, working with external training organizations and in-company teams to deliver identified strategic priorities