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“They provide best in class examples and metrics from their research, that goes beyond the International Sustainability Standards Board, Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero, Climate Action 100+ net zero guidance frameworks from which to evaluate the viability of company net zero transition plans.
This book is a “must read” for fiduciary-related accountability for companies or institutional investors.”

Keith Johnson
Former Chief Legal Counsel, State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB)
Public Pension Attorneys, Former President
  1. Has the executive management team stress-tested the business model, using at least a $100 per ton cost of carbon or similar and changing regulatory scenarios? 
  2. Are internal controls and disclosure controls in place to ensure the reliability of sustainability, ESG, net zero, and management accountability design and related data and information required by the new measurement and reporting standards around the world? 
  3. What stress test impacts have been identified on key metrics such as emission tons/revenue, carbon-adjusted net operating profit after tax, carbon-adjusted return on invested capital (CAROC), and carbon-adjusted free cash flow? 
  4. Does the C-Suite have the strategic leadership capacity to transform the business model to a net zero and sustainable business enterprise? 
  5. Does the enterprise have a “Board Approved” 20-year C-Suite succession plan? Are processes in place to assess the organization’s executive talent pipeline for strategic leadership capacity to transform business models? 
  6. Does the enterprise have a “Board Approved” and aligned  5–7 year rolling enterprise performance scorecard, as well as a long-term incentive plan design for a sustainable business model and net zero?

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