Your board and investors need credible, legally defensible answers to these five net zero transition plan questions.

Can you meet the challenge?

Net Zero Business Models provides C-suites, boards and regulators with four Net Zero navigation pathways and five core eco-efficiency processes, based on best-in-class research from companies executing a Net Zero business model strategic intent. Adopting a long-term energy strategy that identifies the requisite strategic leadership capacity, including the three domains of systems thinking and innovation required, reduces the friction to transition to a Net Zero economy.”

Aurora Geis, PCC
Former Board Chair, CPS Energy, San Antonio, Texas, America’s largest electric and gas municipal utility
  1. Do you have a Net Zero transition plan that credibly moves to 100% carbon-free energy in appropriate timeframes without using renewable energy credits?
  2. Are you planning transformative energy reduction and efficiency improvements throughout your operational processes and across your product portfolio?
  3. Does your organizational design support capacity development to deliver a zero-emissions portfolio of products and solutions?
  4. What does your 20-year C-suite succession plan look like?
  5. Does your enterprise have a Net Zero performance scorecard?

How do your answers measure up?

Your board and investors will be asking increasingly tough questions about your planning and execution for a Net Zero business model.

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