Your board needs credible, legally defensible answers to these five questions

Are you up to the test?

“Given the widespread evidence of climate change, the need to create a Net Zero economy is a global imperative. What’s been missing is a clear roadmap for companies to achieve this goal. Net Zero Business Models: Winning in the Global Net Zero Economy, lays out the practical steps companies need to take – and boards need to monitor – to ensure a successful transition to the Net Zero economy.”

Chris Librie
Global Director, ESG and Sustainability Strategy, Applied Materials and an original contributor to the GHG Protocols corporate accounting and reporting standard
  1.  Have you stress-tested your business model, using at least $100 per tonne carbon cost, simulating expected future regulatory scenarios?
  2. Does your company’s purpose enable Net Zero transformation?
  3.  Does your company have the management capacity to lead the required business model transformation to a Net Zero enterprise?
  4. Are your innovation, R&D, and CAPEX budgets aligned to accelerate that Net Zero business model transformation?
  5. Are your disclosures complete, accurate, and legally defensible?

How do your answers measure up?

Your firm’s CEO, board, investors and bankers will be asking increasingly tough questions about your strategy, planning and execution in the transition to a Net Zero economy.

FutureZero can help you benchmark against global best in class companies, identify the most appropriate strategic options for your business, map your chosen transition or transformation pathway and develop practical implementation plans, learning from what others are doing, to pursue your Net Zero goals.