“A landmark book. Essential reading for institutional investors providing the finance for companies and the boards of directors who need to oversee one of the greatest challenges in global business.”

Anne Simpson
Global Head, Sustainability, Franklin Templeton Investments

The global transformation to net zero is rapidly coming…

and many companies are dangerously unclear on how they’ll get there.

  • They lack an understanding of what makes for a credible and legally defensible net zero transition plan
  • They’re unsure about their leadership’s capacity for innovation and the required level of systems thinking
  • They aren’t applying the right performance metrics and long-term incentive designs
  • They aren’t providing accurate disclosures aligned to the most current set of sustainable finance reporting standards
  • They’ve miscalculated the scope of the business model transformation they’ll need to execute

“It is an absolute imperative to get to net zero. Climate change is an existential threat. If you are making investments, coming up with new technologies, changing the way you do business, all in service of eliminating that threat,
you are creating value.

-Mark Carney, Chair of Brookfield Asset Management and UN Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance

These gaps – and many more –
create enterprise-threatening risk.

Our team integrates expertise in financial and undisclosed value drivers, strategic leadership assessment, and value creation across a myriad of sectors.

We’ve run financial stress testing on more than 17,000 publicly-traded companies to uncover the performance benchmarks for a viable Net Zero Transition Plan that builds long-term enterprise value.

And we’ve done the analytical heavy lifting on disclosures from more than 200 best-in-class global companies that have declared net zero. Our research uncovers the strategies that make the difference between winners, survivors, and casualties.

Our suite of services include:

Enterprise Strategy

  • Benchmark your company’s financial and sustainability performance relative to your industry sector
  • Leverage the FutureZero Net Zero Business Model canvas design tools and transition plan gap analysis framework
  • Declare Net Zero strategic intent and choose one of four credible Net Zero Business Model Pathways based on our global best-in-class research

Organization Capacity Review

  • Assess your management structure for gaps in innovation, future value, and net zero business model transition plan maturity
  • Benchmark your organization’s current design for innovation capacity ( Organization Value Added – OVA™) relative to the five stages of enterprise value creation
  • Assess your strategic leadership talent gaps for net zero and sustainable business model innovation
  • Benchmark your executive team’s strategic leadership capacity for systems thinking and innovation ( Leadership Value Added -– LVA™) that drives enterprise value long-term

Organization Redesign

  • Redesign and align enterprise performance metrics and targets to your sustainable business and net zero transition plan
  • Redesign enterprise and executive performance scorecards and incentive designs for net zero and sustainable business
  • Redesign management structure for innovation and alignment to the future value expected by the capital markets
  • Redesign strategic leadership talent assessment and selection processes for innovation and business model transformation
  • Redesign 20-year C Suite succession planning and strategic leadership processes for sustainable business and net zero

Governance and Risk Management

  • Enhance disclosures to demonstrate an accurate, credible, and bona fide net zero business model strategy, transition plan, mission-critical processes, and key value drivers, and align incentive designs

We use a four-step transformational framework with our clients:

We use a four-step transformational framework with our clients:

The first step is a brief discovery call.

We’ll evaluate your transition plan for net zero maturity and determine your stage of enterprise value creation.
We’ll also look at where your net zero organizational capacity planning (structure, talent, incentives) may have material gaps and enterprise risks.

We help clients to illuminate a credible pathway to a sustainable business model, a higher carbon-adjusted return on capital, and a robust strategic leadership talent pipeline for their net-zero business model transformation.

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