“A landmark book. Essential reading for institutional investors providing the finance for companies and the boards of directors who need to oversee one of the greatest challenges in global business.”

Anne Simpson
Global Head, Sustainability, Franklin Templeton Investments

Accelerate your sustainable business model transition

The Net Zero transformation will push every company to make a broad range of changes to its business model.

The scope of change varies widely, starting with operational process innovation for the 5 eco-efficiency processes and value drivers and moving to the shaping of entire industry ecosystems and their interdependencies.

A number of leading organisations support the Strategic Leadership Research initiative (SLRi), including the CFA Society (Chartered Financial Analysts) of New York, Sustainable Investment, and EFQM in Europe. 

Based on global research insights from leading companies around the world, the Strategic Leadership Research initiative will provide participating companies with guidelines and clear measurement criteria.

Here’s what the Strategic Leadership Research initiative will benchmark and report back to participants:

Enterprise strategy and performance measurement for a sustainable business model

  • One of the five stages of enterprise value creation
  • One of four enterprise Value Quadrant (VQ) positions on the innovation and return on capital life cycle matrix
  • Absolute benchmark relative to one of five steps in Net Zero business model maturity, and implications for improvement in the quality of management score.
  • Reporting on the 10 mission-critical undisclosed value drivers for a sustainable business model. Value driver measurement business process maturity and implications for enterprise performance measurement

Strategic leadership capacity for digital and Net Zero

  • “Strategic Leadership” gap analysis and business intelligence reporting relative to company valuation,  Future Value, and expected innovation as compared to industry sector benchmarks
  • Exemplar investment financial benchmarks for strategic leadership talent pipeline development
  • Stage of maturity and best-in-class benchmarks for strategic leadership assessment, selection, development processes, tools, and technologies for innovation, digital, and sustainable business outcomes
  • Best-in-class standards for C-suite succession planning, for strategic leadership assessment and selection with the capacity to transform business models and industry ecosystems
  • Best-in-class process maturity for critical roles and career pathway accelerators for the strategic leadership of business model transformation 
  • Design options for processes, tools, and technology to accelerate strategic leadership capacity for the enterprise

Reach out to us today to explore how your enrollment in the Strategic Leadership Research initiative (SLRi) can accelerate your net zero and sustainable business model transformation journey.